Why You Must Know This Man: The Life and Times of Amit Dutta Gupta


  • Author: Arjun Malhotra
  • Co-Author: Sushmita Sengupta
  • Publisher: Sage Publications
  • ISBN-13: 9789351500384
  • Pages: 330
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Year of Pub / Reprint Year: 2014


About the Book:

It is 1981. Delhi summer. A small office.

Three “hungry” minds brainstorming launch strategy of a product. They have been doing this for the past 3 months, 12 hours a day.

The office is HCL and the product is Systems-2 computers. What they are about to launch will kick start the Indian computer story, and which will be known as the “inflection point” of the Indian IT Industry. This book is the tale of that “inflection point,” and told through the life of that third “hungry” mind who together with Arjun Malhotra and Shiv Nadar was one of the stimulators of computer revolution in the country, a visionary who remained in the background and silently scripted the Indian IT story into a global epic—Amit Dutta Gupta.


The Beginning
Friends Forever
Coke before Computers
Game Changer
Profiting by Design
Soft Turn to Success
Amit—The Leader and Mentor

About the Author:

Arjun Malhotra

Orbiculsris oculi is the muscle that makes you smile—and this is a muscle that gets overworked after a session with Arjun.

In his very accomplished career, Arjun has played a role of entrepreneur, philanthropist, board member, technician, counselor, referee, salesperson, and organizer, but never a role of a disciplinarian.

Arjun has amazing capacity for networking and mindboggling capacity for remembering names, dates, and incidences. He communicates with thousands of connections, globally, on a daily basis through emails/phone, Facebook, and Linked-in. If not on a flight… More About the Author

Sushmita Sengupta

The area between the eyes is known as “agna” the seat of wisdom—the point where all thoughts are gathered in total concentration. This is what grabs your attention when you first meet Calcutta-born Sushmita and could have influenced the comment from one of her clients—“I have personally seen the power of her mind when she designed a strategy for us to stall disinvestment in coal.”

Sushmita is presently the Founder and Managing Partner of Confab Communications.

For the past 20 years Sushmita has made Delhi her home and has successfully made strategic planning and business… More About the Author