The Third Eye

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  • Author: Lobsang Rampa T
  • Publisher: Ballantine Books Inc
  • ISBN-13: 9780345340382
  • Pages: 210
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Year of Pub / Reprint Year: 1986


About The Book

The Third Eye is a best-selling New-Age occult book by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa.

During the time of the 13th Dalai Lama, Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, the son of a Lhasa aristocrat, begins his theological studies and is soon noticed for his acute abilities and prodigious skill. He enters his teenage and soon defeats large obstacles to become a crucial asset to the future of an independent Tibet. In an arcane ceremony, a third eye is drilled into his head and allows him to see human auras and people’s hidden drives. He serves as an aide in the Dalai Lama’s court and spies on the Lama’s visitors. He soon becomes a vital asset to the Dalai Lama and this story outlines the story of his rise.

About The Author

Tuesday Lobsang Rampa is the pseudonym of a British writer who wrote on paranormal and occult themes. Certain newspapers allege that he was Cyril Henry Hoskin, a plumber from Plympton in Devon.

Rampa claimed that his body hosted the spirit of a Tibetan lama and that the lama wrote the books. Some of his other books are: My Visit to Venus, Doctor from Lhasa, Feeding the Flame, and Candlelight.