The Bad Boy’s Guide To The Good Indian Girl

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  • Author: Annie Zaidi
  • Co-Author: Smriti Ravindra
  • Publisher: Zuban Publishing
  • ISBN-13: 9788189884819
  • Pages: 222
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Year of Pub / Reprint Year: 2011


About The Book

Who is the Good Indian Girl? What does she look like? How does she dress? Is she real — or is she a myth?

In this funny, wicked, touching, irreverent, poignant collection of stories, Annie Zaidi and Smriti Ravindra lift the veil (or sari pallu) on the lives and loves of girls who have been born or raised in the subcontinent.

The niceties have to be observed, but the urge to subvert is often overwhelming. As they shimmy down drainpipes at midnight, or steal covert glances at the boys across the street, the real life incidents from which these stories are drawn will ring a bell with any woman who has negotiated the minefield of family love and romantic longing and desire that lies between childhood and womanhood.

This is the Good Indian Girl as she has never been seen before—fiesty, imaginative, a little crazy, smart, vulnerable. Prepare to be surprised.

About The Authors

Annie Zaidi writes poetry, fiction, non-fiction, drama, blog posts, reports and reviews. Her first collection of poems, Crush, was published in 2007, and her collection of non-fiction reportage, Known Turf came out in April 2010.

Smriti Ravindra writes fiction and teaches creative writing. She is currently working on her first novel.