Public Finance : A Contemporary Application Of Theory To Policy

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  • Author: David N. Hyman
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning India
  • ISBN-13: 9788131502747
  • Pages: 754
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Year of Pub / Reprint Year: 2007


About The Book

Once again, popular author and seasoned economist Dr. David Hyman delivers a balanced presentation of public policy that equips readers with a solid understanding of economic theory and how it affects policy issues. Extremely student friendly, PUBLIC FINANCE, International Edition, 9th edition thoroughly illustrates the role government plays in the economy and explains how and why the public sector makes decisions. The text also describes public goods–the many instances in which the public sector does not make efficient decisions and the government must step in to provide goods efficiently and equitably to all members of society. The book provides comprehensive coverage of tax issues (the supply of public funds), as well as includes such topics as health care, cost-benefit analysis, and other issues that involve government-spending decisions–issues that deal with the demand for public funds.Packed with timely, real-world examples, Public Finance provides an interesting read that sparks lively student discussion and debate with its coverage of such hot topics as national defense and homeland security, pollution rights, Social Security reform, federal tax reform, the War in Iraq, and much more. Turning the spotlight on numerous international governments, the text also gives students an excellent overview of the role of economics in the global marketplace. In addition, it includes numerous study tools and exercises to help students sharpen their economic acumen.

Table Of Contents:
The Economic Basis of Government Activity
Individuals and Government.
Efficiency, Markets, and Governments.
Externalities and Government Policy.
Public Goods.
Public Choice and the Political Process.

Government Expenditures and Policy in The United States: Selected Issues
Cost-Benefit Analysis and Government Investments.
Government Subsidies and Income Support for the Poor.
Social Security and Social Insurance. 9. Government and Health Care.

Financing Government Expenditures
Introduction to Government Finance.
Taxation, Prices, Efficiency, and the Distribution of Income.
Budget Balance and Government Debt.

Taxation: Theory and Structure
The Theory of Income Taxation.
Taxation of Personal Income in the United States.
Taxation of Corporate Income.
Taxes on Consumption and Sales.
Taxes on Wealth, Property, and Estates.

State and Local Government Finance
Fiscal Federalism and State and Local Government Finance.

About The Author

David N. Hyman, professor of economics and alumni distinguished undergraduate professor at North Carolina State University, has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in public finance there since 1969. Professor Hyman received his Ph.D. in Economics from Princeton University. He has held Woodrow Wilson, Earhart, and Ford Foundation fellowships and was a Fullbright senior research scholar in Italy in 1980. In 1997, he was visiting professor of economics at the University of Ferrara in Italy. Professor Hyman is a member of the Academy of Outstanding Teachers at North Carolina State University and received the Alumni Association Outstanding Teacher Award in 1982 and 1996. He is the author of several widely used textbooks in economics and has published scholarly articles in the NATIONAL TAX JOURNAL, PUBLIC CHOICE, the JOURNAL OF ECONOMICS EDUCATION, and other respected academic journals. Professor Hyman served the President’s Council of Economic Advisors as a consultant and senior staff economist from 1988 to 1989. He also has been a guest scholar at the Brookings Institution and has worked as a government budget analyst and as an economist for the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the U.S. Comptroller of the Currency. Professor Hyman also is a photographer whose palladium and platinum prints are in the permanent collection of the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. His photographs have been exhibited by galleries and museums and have been published in art books and on the covers of several novels.