Is India Civilized? Essays on Indian Culture

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  • Author: Sri Aurobindo
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  • ISBN-13: 9788190293341
  • Pages: 228
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With an introduction by Sri Aurobindo,Pondicherry
Sir John Woodroffe(1865-1936),the discoverer and disseminator of the Tantras,belonged to a family of lawyers.He did his batchelor of Civil Law at the University College,oxford which had already produced great indologists like Sir.William Jones,Sir Edwin Arnold and Sir Monier Williams.
Woodroffe’s Is india Civilized? published in 1918,was a passionate and vigorous counter-attack against the section of the British Orientalists who regarded India as uncivilized and advocated the perpetuation of civilizing missions of the British empire in India.In it he not only defended the “spiritual civilization” of India through his own interpretation of the Tantra and Mother-worship,but also denounced what he considered to be the crass materialism of Western civilization