Fundamentals Of Robotics


  • Author: D . K . Pratihar
  • Publisher: Narosa Pulishing
  • ISBN-13: 9788184875775
  • Pages: 200
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Year of Pub / Reprint Year: 2017


About The Book
FUNDAMENTALS OF ROBOTICS starts with an introduction to robots and robotics. Forward and inverse kinematics problems of serial manipulators have been dealt in details. After discussing trajectory planning schemes, inverse dynamics problem of serial manipulator has been solved. A separate chapter has been devoted to the analysis of wheeled robot. It then concentrates on analysis of two-legged robot. The working principles of different types of sensors used in robots have been explained in one chapter. Various steps involved in robot vision have then been discussed in detail. The last chapter deals with different motion planning schemes of robots. It has been written to fulfill the requirements of a large number of readers belonging to various disciplines of engineering. It will be very much helpful to the students, scientists and practicing engineers.

    Tables Of Contents


  • Nomenclature
  •  Greek Symbols
  •  Abbreviations
  •  Introduction
  •  Fundamentals of Robot Kinematics
  •  Trajectory Planning
  •  Robot Dynamics
  •  Analysis of Wheeled Robots
  • Analysis of Two-Legged Robots
  •  Sensors
  •  Robot Vision
  •  Robot Motion Planning
  •  Bibliography
  •  Index.