Electromagnetics 2Nd Edition


  • Author: Edward . J . Rothwell , Micheal . J . Cloud
  • Binding: Paperback
  • ISBN-13: 978142006447
  • Pages: 704
  • Publisher: CRC
  • Year of Pub / Reprint Year: 2011


About The Book

Providing an ideal transition from introductory to advanced concepts, Electromagnetics, Second Edition builds a foundation that allows electrical engineers to confidently proceed with the development of advanced EM studies, research, and applications.

This second edition of a popular text continues to offer coverage that spans the entire field, from electrostatics to the integral solutions of Maxwell’s equations. The book provides a firm grounding in the fundamental concepts of electromagnetics and bolsters understanding through the use of classic examples in shielding, transmission lines, waveguides, propagation through various media, radiation, antennas, and scattering. Mathematical appendices present helpful background information in the areas of Fourier transforms, dyadics, and boundary value problems. The second edition adds a new and extensive chapter on integral equation methods with applications to guided waves, antennas, and scattering.


Utilizing the engaging style that made the first edition so appealing, this second edition continues to emphasize the most enduring and research-critical electromagnetic principles.

Covers all of the classic topics in advanced electromagnetics, from static fields to wave phenomena
Emphasizes fundamentals and concentrates on the most challenging subjects, including power and energy, potentials, field decompositions, dispersion, relativity, Green’s functions, constitutive relations, and the electromagnetic theorems.
Adds an extensive chapter on integral equations, which includes a discussion of basic theory and solution by the method of moments
Provides extensive coverage of electromagnetic materials, including dielectrics, ferrites, plasmas and conductors
Presents analytical tools, such as contour integration, dyadic analysis, and separation of variables, in self-contained mathematical appendices