When not in Rome, don’t do as the Romans do A CandyD Italian in Emerging Markets


  • Author: Stefano Pelle
  • Publisher: Sage Publications
  • ISBN-13: 9788132110873
  • Pages: 216
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Year of Pub / Reprint Year: 2013


About The Book

“Two suitcases and the telephone numbers of two friends of friends: this was what I was carrying when I landed in India on October 22, 1998. What an irony in the fact that just a few years earlier, while boarding a plane from New Delhi to Rome, I had promised to myself not to go back to India, at least not until my retirement age.”
But as fate would have it, Stefano Pelle eventually returns to post-liberalized India as an expatriate working for the Perfetti Van Melle Group and what starts from there is a journey through emerging markets.

At the heart of Stefano’s psyche and his management beliefs are innumerable situations when a one-sided biased perspective would have led to failure in business deals or problems in personal life; more so being an Italian married to an Indian wife, currently settled in the Middle East and with responsibility over a geographical area extending from Bangladesh to Senegal. Overall, the story wrought here is one of hard work, ambition, and success.

Table Of Contents

My Pre-expatriate Life
Italy and India: So Different and So Similar
Welcome to India
Working in India
The Perfetti Van Melle India Success
Conquering South Asia
An Indo-Italian Wedding
The Russian Roulette
Settling Down in the Middle East
Real Estate and Emerging Markets
Starting up in the Dark Continent
The BRICs over the Past Decade

About The Author
Stefano Pelle obtained a Master’s Degree with Honors in Economics from LUISS University of Rome and a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing from the School of Management of the same university. He completed his second Master’s Degree in Political Science from La Sapienza, University of Rome. During his career he attended executive education programs in renowned institutes such as HEC, ESSEC, INSEAD and London Business School.

He joined Price Waterhouse in 1985 but started his marketing career in 1987 with Johnson and Johnson. After spending six years in the FMCG sector, he moved to the services industry as Head of Marketing… More About the Author