Solid State Physics

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  • Author: Neil W Ashcroft , N David Mermin
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning India
  • ISBN-13: 9788131500521
  • Pages: 826
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Year of Pub / Reprint Year: 2014


About The Book

A Single introductory text presenting both aspects of the subject, descriptive and analytical. The authors of this book aim at exploring the variety of phenomena associated with the major forms of crystalline matter, while laying the foundation for a working understanding of solids through clear, detailed and elementary treatements of fundamental theoretical concepts. This book is designed for introductory courses at either the undergraduate or graduate level. Statistical mechanics and the quantum theory lie at the heart of solid state physics.

Table Of Contents

‘The Drude Theory of Metals.

The Sommerfeld Theory of Metals.

Failures of the Free Electron Model.

Crystal Lattices.The Reciprocal Lattice.

Determination of Crystal Structures by X-Ray Diffraction.

Classification of Bravais Lattices and Crystal Structures.

Electron levels in a Periodic Potential:

General Properties.Electrons in a Weak Periodic Potential.

The Tight-Binding Method.

Other Methods for Calculating Band Structure.

The Semiclassical Model of Electron Dynamics.

The Semiclassical Theory of Conduction in Metals.

Measuring the Fermi Surface.Band Structure of Selected Metals.

Beyond the Relaxation.Time Approximation.

Beyond the Independent Electron Approximation.

Surface Effects.Classification of Solids.Cohesive Energy.

Failures of the Static Lattice Model.

Classical Theory of the Harmonic Crystal.

Quantum Theory of the Harmonic Crystal.

Measuring Phonon Dispersion Relations.Anharmonic Effects in Crystals.Phonons in Metals.

Dielectric Properties of Insulators.Homogeneous Semiconductors.Inhomogeneous Semiconductors.

Defects in Crystals.Diamagnetism and Paramagnetism.Electron Interactions and Magnetic Structure.Magnetic Ordering.


About The Author

N. David Mermin is Horace White Professor of Physics Emeritus at Cornell University. He has received the Lilienfeld Prize of the American Physical Society and the Klopsteg Award of the American Association of Physics Teachers. He is a member of the U. S. National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Professor Mermin has written on quantum foundational issues for several decades, and is known for the clarity and wit of his scientific writings. Among his other books are Solid State Physics (with N. W. Ashcroft, Thomson Learning 1976), Boojums all the Way Through (Cambridge University Press 1990), and It’s about Time: Understanding Einstein’s Relativity (Princeton University Press 2005).