Fundamentals Of Optics 2nd Edition


  • Author: Devraj Singh
  • Publisher: PHI
  • ISBN-13: 9788120351462
  • Pages: 608
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Year of Pub / Reprint Year: 2015


About The Book

This thoroughly revised and updated text, now in its second edition, is primarily intended as a textbook for undergraduate students of Physics. The book provides a sound understanding of the fundamental concepts of optics adopting an integrated approach to the principles of optics. It covers the requirements of syllabi of undergraduate students in Physics and Engineering in Indian Universities.

The book includes a wide range of interesting topics such as Fermat’s principle, geometrical optics, dispersion, interference, diffraction and polarization of light waves, optical instruments and lens aberrations. It also discusses electromagnetic waves, fundamentals of vibrations and wave motion. The text explains the concepts through extensive use of line drawings and gives full derivations of essential relations. The topics are dealt with in a well-organized sequence with proper explanations along with simple mathematical formulations.

Table Of Contents

Part I: Geometrical Optics

Chapter 1 Fermat’s Principle

Chapter 2 Geometrical Optics

Chapter 3 Dispersion of Light

Chapter 4 Lens Aberrations

Chapter 5 Optical Instruments

Part II: Vibrations and Waves

Chapter 6 Fundamentals of Vibrations

Chapter 7 Wave Motion

Part III: Physical Optics

Chapter 8 Interference of Light Waves

Chapter 9 Diffraction of Light Waves

Chapter 10 Polarization of Light Waves

Part IV: Electromagnetic Waves

Chapter 11 Electromagnetic Waves



New to the SECOND Edition

• Incorporates two new chapters, i.e., ‘Fundamentals of Vibrations’, and ‘Wave Motion’
• Includes several worked-out examples to help students reinforce their comprehension of theory
• Provides Formulae at a Glance and Conceptual Questions with their answers for quick revision


• Provides several Solved Numerical Problems to help students comprehend the concepts with ease
• Includes Multiple Choice Questions and Theoretical Questions to help students check their understanding of the subject matter
• Contains unsolved Numerical Problems with answers to build problem-solving skills

About The Author

Devraj Singh, D.Phil., is Assistant Professor and Head in the Department of Applied Physics, Amity School of Engineering and Technology, New Delhi. With 13 years of teaching experience, he has to his credit 60 research articles in national and international journals of ultrasonics and 19 books including 2 books published by PHI Learning. He is life member of Ultrasonics Society of India, Materials Research Society of India, Indian Association of Physics Teachers, Acoustical Society of India and Metrology Society of India.