Fluid Power With Applications 6th Edition

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  • Author: Anthony Esposito
  • Publisher: Pearson
  • ISBN-13: 9788177585803
  • Pages: 672
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Year of Pub / Reprint Year: 2005


About The Book

This 6th edition of the popular text presents broad coverage of fluid power technology in a readable and understandable fashion. An extensive array of industrial applications is provided to motivate and stimulate students’ interest in the field. Balancing theory and applications, this text is updated to reflect current technology; it focuses on the design, analysis, operation, and maintenance of fluid power systems.
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NEW – Updated and refined chapters?Chapter 11 includes material on ancillary hydraulic devices; the chapter on hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors has been rewritten into two chapters; and electrical control of fluid power systems has been divided into two chapters, one basic and one more advanced.
NEW – New sections?On proportional control valves, fluid cleanliness levels, and analysis of moisture removal from air in pneumatic systems.
Clear presentation?Presents broad coverage of material in a readable and understandable fashion.
Extensive use of industry-provided cutaway drawings and illustrations.
Ideal balance of theory and applications.
Boolean Algebra with electric ladder diagrams?Combines both in presenting the material on electrical controls.

Table Of Contents

Introduction to Fluid Power.
Physical Properties of Hydraulic Fluids.
Energy and Power in Hydraulic Systems.
Frictional Losses in Hydraulic Pipelines.
Hydraulic Pumps.
Hydraulic Cylinders and Cushioning Devices.
Hydraulic Motors.
Hydraulic Valves.
Hydraulic Circuit Design and Analysis.
Hydraulic Conductors and Fittings.
Ancillary Hydraulic Devices.
Maintenance of Hydraulic Systems.
Pneumatics: Air Preparation and Components.
Pneumatics: Circuits and Applications.
Basic Electrical Controls for Fluid Power Circuits.
Fluid Logic Control Systems.
Advanced Electrical Controls for Fluid Power Systems.