Elements Of Geology


  • Author: S . M . Mathur
  • Publisher: PHI
  • ISBN-13: 9788120335158
  • Pages: 164
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Year of Pub / Reprint Year: 2008


About The Book

Aimed at B.Sc. students of geology, this introductory text develops a basic understanding of the Earth as a complex, evolving system of geological processes. This book will also be of immense use to those postgraduate students of geology who opt for this stream after graduating in disciplines other than geology.

Geology as a science has recently gained increasing importance because of the current developments in oil and mineral exploration and also because of recent occurrences of earthquakes and tsunamis.

This book covers the entire spectrum of the geologic concepts and relates them to the main processes of geomorphology, earthquakes and volcanoes. Important types of the three categories of rocks—igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic—that form the crust of the Earth are described with their characteristic mineralogy. Major structures that are born of tectonic activities are discussed. Palaeontological descriptions cover not only the plant and animal groups but also other evidences of life in the geological record and evolution. An important feature of the text is that modern stratigraphic methods of classification are outlined clearly, and the latest geologic time scale with numerical ages as approved in 2004 by the International Commission on Stratigrahy of the International Union of Geological Sciences is incorporated.

Table Of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Basic Concepts in Geology
3. Physical Geology
4. Earthquakes and Volcanoes
5. Igneous Rocks
6. Sedimentary Rocks
7. Metamorphic Rocks
8. Structural Geology
9. Palaeontology
10. Stratigraphy
Appendix A—The Earth File
Appendix B—Geological Time Scale

About The Author

S.M. MATHUR retired from the Geological Survey of India in 1977 and thereafter was appointed Emeritus Scientist at the University of Saugar (1978–1984) by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. He is also a past President of the Geology and Geography Section of the Indian Science Congress. He has been a president of the Indian Association of Sedimentologists and the Editor of its journal. His researches in some aspects of sedimentology and stratigraphy have received international recognition and have also been incorporated in geology textbooks and glossaries published abroad. He has made important contributions to the field of economic geology, and is considered an authority on the geology of Indian diamonds, having worked as a consultant for over a decade to the diamond giant DeBeers. Among his other books, he is the author of the highly acclaimed Physical Geology of India (English and Hindi, nine editions), Guide to Field Geology, Rupa Book of Geology Quiz and Concise Glossary of Geology. Besides, he has published more than 130 scientific and research papers in national and international journals. He is also deeply interested in the English language and has written books on some aspects of good English. As a hobby he creates and collects jokes, and has published two collections.