Crafting A Compiler With C

  • Author: Charles N. Fischer
  • Co-Author: Richard J. LeBlanc Jr.
  • Publisher: Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company
  • ISBN-13: 9780805321661
  • Pages: 812
  • Binding: Hard Binding
  • Year of Pub / Reprint Year: 1991
  • Price USD: 134.60


About The Book

This extremely practical, hands-on approach to building compilers using the C programming language includes numerous examples of working code from a real compiler and covers such advanced topics as code generation, optimization, and real-world parsing. It is an ideal reference and tutorial. 0805321667B04062001

Table Of Contents

Overview and History.What Do Compilers Do?The Structure of a Compiler.The Syntax and Semantics of Programming Languages.Compiler Design and Programming Language Design.Compiler Classifications.Influences On Computer Design.Exercises.

A Simple Compiler.
The Structure of a Micro Compiler.A Micro Scanner.The Syntax of Micro.Recursive Descent Parsing.Translating Micro.Exercises.

Scanning–Theory and Practice.
Overview.Regular Expressions.Finite Automata and Scanners.Using a Scanner Generator.Practical Considerations.Translating Regular Expressions Into Finite Automata.Exercises.

Grammars and Parsing.
Context-Free Grammars: Concepts and Notation.Errors in Context-Free Grammars.Transforming Extended Bnf Grammars.Parsers and Recognizers.Grammar Analysis Algorithms.Exercises.

Ll(1) Grammars and Parsers.
The Ll(1) Predict Function.The Ll(1) Parse Table.Building Recursive Descent Parsers From Ll(1) Tables.An Ll(1) Parser Driver.Ll(1) Action Symbols.Making Grammars Ll(1) / The If-Then-Else Problem in Ll(1) Parsing.The Llgen Parser Generator.Properties of Ll(1) Parsers.Ll(K) Parsing.Exercises.

Lr Parsing.
Shift-Reduce Parsers.Lr Parsers.Lr(1) Parsing.Slr(1) Parsing.Lalr(1).Calling Semantic Routines in Shift-Reduce Parsers.Using a Parser Generator.Optimizing Parse Tables.Practical Lr(1) Parsers.Properties of Lr Parsers.Ll(1) Or Lalr(1), That Is The Question.Other Shift-Reduce Techniques.Exercises.

Semantic Processing.
Syntax-Directed Translation.Semantic Processing Techniques.Intermediate Representations and Code Generation.Exercises.

Symbol Tables.
A Symbol Table Interface.Basic Implementation Techniques.Block-Structured Symbol Tables.Extensions to Block-Structured Symbol Tables.Implicit Declarations.Overloading.Forward References.Summary.Exercises.

Run-Time Storage Organization.
Static Allocation.Stack Allocation.Heap Allocation.Program Layout in Memory.Static and Dynamic Chains.Formal Procedures.Exercises.

Processing Declarations.
Declaration Processing Fundamentals.Action Routines for Simple Declarations.Action Routines for Advanced Features.Exercises.

Processing Expressions and Data Structure References.
Introduction.Action Routines for Simple Names, Expressions, and Data Structures.Action Routines for Advanced Features.Exercises.

Translating Control Structures.
If Statements.Loops.Compiling Exits.The Case Statement.Compiling Goto Statements.Exception Handling.Short-Circuit Boolean Expressions.Exercises.

Translating Procedures and Functions.
Simple Subprograms.Passing Parameters to Subprograms.Processing Subprogram Calls and Parameter Lists.Subprogram Invocation.Label Parameters.Name Parameters.Exercises.

Attribute Grammars and Multipass Translation.
Attribute Grammars.Tree-Structured Intermediate Representations.Exercises.

Code Generation and Local Code Optimization.
An Overview.Register and Temporary Management.A Simple Code Generator.Interpretive Code Generation.Peephole Optimization.Generating Code From Trees.Generating Code From Dags.Code Generator Generators.Exercises.

Global Optimization.
An Overview: Goals and Limits.Optimizing Subprogram Calls.Loop Optimization.Global Data Flow Analysis.Putting it All Together.Exercises.

Parsing in The Real World.
Compacting Tables.Syntactic Error Recovery and Repair.Exercises.

A. Definition of Ada/Cs.B. Scangen.C. Llgen User Manual.D. Lalrgen User Manual.E. Error-Repair Features of Llgen and Lalrgen.F. Compiler Development Utilities.

Index. 0805321667T04062001