Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics

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  • Author: D Srinivasan
  • Publisher: New Age International (P) Ltd
  • ISBN-13: 9788122414950
  • Pages: 420
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Year of Pub / Reprint Year: 2004


About The Book

This book is intended to present a good treatment of the fundamentals of chemical engineering thermodynamics. In this book definitions are emphasized first to form the foundation of the subject and upon this foundation arise the first law, second law and the principle of reversibility.

Upon this framework the secondary phases are based; the properties of real fluids and gases, the concept and properties of an ideal gas, an ideal solution, a non-ideal solution and the applications of the basic concepts to the understanding of the thermodynamic aspects of compression processes, phase equilibria and chemical reaction equilibria. Sufficient material has been included to meet the requirements of the undergraduate curriculum for a two-semester course in chemical engineering thermodynamics.

From a chemical engineering viewpoint, a significant emphasis has to be made on the study and understanding of phase equilibria and chemical reaction equilibria. These two topics are covered in detail in this book.lllustrations pertaining to all these areas/topics are liberally included throughout the text.

Table Of Contents

  • Basics
  • Statics of Particles
  • Statics of Rigid Bodies
  • Friction
  • Properties of Surfaces and Solids
  • Dynamics of Particles-Kinematics
  • Dynamics of Particles-Kinetics
  • Elements of Rigid Body Dynamics.

About The Author

D. Srinivasan took his B.Sc. (Tech.) Degree in chemical engineering in 1964, M. Tech in 1996 and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering in 1972 from Madras University. He is an expert in certain areas of chemical engineering such as transport properties, thermodynamics of liquid mixtures distillation processes and environmental engineering.

He has to his credit around 90 publications in international and national symposia/journals of repute. He visited the University of Missouri, United States of America in 1992 as a fulbright professor, under the fulbright programme. He had collaborated with the deputy director of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in his research programmes.

His Principles of Heat Transfers also being published by New Age International.